Public Deeds
For certain legal transactions and other legal acts, such as the incorporation of a stock company or the assignment of a share in a limited liability company, the law requires the form of a public deed.

This is where we come in. As notaries public, we provide you with comprehensive legal advice on the legal transaction to be concluded and draw up the necessary public deed. We can notarize legal transactions not only under Liechtenstein law, but also under foreign law.

Certified Signatures
With us you can quickly and easily have your signature notarized.

Certified Copies
We certify copies, transcripts and extracts.

Sworn Witness Statements, Affidavits and Depositions
We take sworn witness statements and affidavits and record depositions for use in foreign legal proceedings.

Certified Translations

We provide certified translations.

Certification of Legally Relevant Facts and Legal Relationships

As notaries public, we certify legally relevant facts and legal relationships in a public deed.

Apostille and Superlegalisation
If a certification or public deed provided by our notaries public requires to be apostilled or superlegalised for use abroad, we also take care of that. An apostille can be arranged within one working day.